Our two hour Learn to Curl sessions teach you the basics and get you into a curling match!

These sessions are typically held twice a year in the weeks leading up to our fall and winter leagues (usually during September and January).  Our winter sessions this year will be shifted to late February or early March due to anticipated interest surrounding curling as a Winter Olympics sport.  Can't attend a scheduled Learn to Curl?  Consider Pick-up and Pizza instead.

Pre-registration is required - $25 per person - Ages 12 and up

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Learn to Curl sessions will resume in late February, 2018

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 What will you need to bring?

  • No raised heels or flip flops. Running shoes work well as long as the soles are clean.
  • It can be cold on the ice, so we suggest dressing in layers and bringing a light jacket. Gloves and thick socks can also help.
  • Pants that offer easy movement are important as you will be required to stretch and get into positions that tight pants and jeans are not necessarily appropriate for.

All particpants going on the ice will need to sign a waiver. Minors will need a parent/guardian to sign a waiver for them.


2310 So Hi Drive, Durham, NC 27703 - Look for the long tan building near a bend in the road.


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