League Type: Open Format League, teams formed by coordinator. Teams vary by week, individual records cumulate for league winners.

Who Can Join: Individual sign up. You may request a teammate.  

Draw Time: 10 a.m.

Dates: Begins October 2, 2019 for at least 10 sessions.

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League coordinator: Doug Brugler

Note: This league is open for drop-in curling by non-members for $15 per session. No experience necessary. Dress in warm and comfortable layers. Bring a pair of clean running shoes. All other equipment is provided.  This league is also offered at a reduced rate of $200 for any curler choosing this as their only league. Members who play in other leagues may register for this league at no additional cost.

Daytime Try Curling:

Give it a try before you join the league. 

Registration opens Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Cost is $15



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